The New York Times
“What she shows is both a thriller and epic, a saga of large historical forces and epochal shifts in power and ideology”

“The feeling her film imparts will be familiar to anyone who has experienced the politics of the past few years as a series of shocks and reversals”

Indie Wire
“The Edge of Democracy” on the list of Oscar favorites

“(…) a timely and chilling political cautionary tale about the rise of the far right.”

The New York Times
“The Edge of Democracy” in The New York Times: “We’ve picked the best films to look out for”

“Drawing connections in a way that might have pleased Chris Marker, the master of the essay film, Petra Costa directs this highly personal look at recent political history in Brazil”

“An absolutely vital piece of documentary filmmaking”

Petra Costa “uses her film to explain Brazil’s complicated history and to warn that even a seemingly stable, prosperous democracy can descend into chaos in an instant”

Women & Hollywood
“This film is born from a scare, a deep sensation of vertigo”, says Petra Costa

Interview: “’The Edge of Democracy’ is a personal journey into politics as I watched my country, Brazil, fall into disarray, much like so many other democracies around the world”, says director.

Moveable Fest
“Petra Costa creates an urgent and captivating look at how her fellow citizens lost their voice in government”

“It’s a dense, complex undertaking Costa impressively wraps her arms – and our minds – around, made even more daunting by the dual purpose ‘The Edge of Democracy’ serves as both an immediate witness to an extraordinarily precarious historical moment and a sophisticated study (…)”

Screen Daily
“An All The President’s Men-style political thriller (…) with a sweep of The Godfather”

“She may not be able to fully explain the popularity of Bolsonaro or the nostalgia for the bad old days but her film offers an emotional, sobering insight into the conflicted soul of Brazil”

The Cap Times
“The film is essential viewing for those who want to understand what’s happening and why”

“Petra Costa’s ‘The Edge of Democracy’ is the nightmare, a chilling look at how far-right populism ascended in her native Brazil”

Now Toronto
“Her access is amazing”

“Costa’s look at the quasi-legal attacks on the last two democratically elected presidents of Brazil by the machinations of a right-wing cabal of politicians, industrialists and military power brokers is worth watching for those with even a passing interest in that nation’s recent political convulsions.”

The Gate
The Edge of Democracy: “fascinating and frightful”

“Costa’s work here is one of the finest and most empathetic examples of a filmmaker illustrating how a political smokeshow can be created by powerful people and turn the most trivial of transgressions into fervent panics simply by shouting as loudly as possible”

The Portland Observer
“Costa’s account is surprisingly accessible and cogent”

“She is clear about her own point of view, defends it well, and provides the means for us (whether inside or outside her home country) to grapple with the larger questions of how fragile democracy is and why, around the world, the interests of the owning class are emerging in such an oppressive way, purportedly […]

“’The Edge of Democracy’, a sprawling, transfixing documentary essay on Costa’s country’s far-right takeover”

“Those familiar with Costa’s previous work, including the intimate, unorthodox works “Elena” and “Olmo and the Seagull,” will be unsurprised to find a poetic interior dimension to this current-affairs snapshot”

Battleship Pretension
‘The Edge of Democracy’ is both edifying and infuriating about the particulars of Brazil’s recent history”

“It also speaks to the larger frustration that awaits the politics of idealism anywhere in the world”

Next Best Picture
“Unbelievable front row reporting”

“Interviews all the major Brazilian political players and has an epic feel that plays out like good political fiction but is also horrifying because of how real it really is”​

Hollywood Reporter
“Tweak the specifics and the language a bit, and she’s speaking for many viewers around the world”

“Costa mixes journalism and memoir in ways one might expect after her dreamy 2012 film Elena”

The Wrap
“Petra Costa’s sobering film chronicles a country swinging to the right and a nationalist authoritarian taking over”

“The film is both vast and intimate; it covers decades of Brazilian history, focusing on the rise of the Workers’ Party (PT) under Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (known to everyone as Lula) and later Dilma Rousseff”

The Daily Californian
“Petra Costa captures Brazil’s political tensions, legacies in ‘The Edge of Democracy’”

“Using incredibly intimate footage and interviews with the politicians and other figures involved — including ousted left-wing presidents Dilma Rousseff and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva themselves — the film pieces together a picture of a deeply fragmented country”

POV Magazine
“Petra Costa’s political documentary is like none other”

“It’s a film of sophisticated nuance and balance, showing the various factors that are contributing to Brazil’s current fractured state, resulting in the arrest and impeachment of its most recent leaders”

Petra Costa in the special issue “10 Documentary Filmmakers to Watch 2019”

“After returning to her home country in the midst of a major political crisis, Costa spent the next three years profiling important political figures and outlining the nation’s tumultuous history”

The New York Times
“Searching for Her Sister, as Well as for Herself”

“Elena evokes the experience of three generations of Brazilian women. (…) The film is a dense, impressionistic collage of accumulated fragments from home movies, newspaper clippings, diary entries and excerpts from letters…”